About Solana

I combine the ancient temple arts of astrology, somatic bodywork and holistic skincare to offer my clients broad-spectrum support to harness the deep well of beauty, strength and wisdom that can only be accessed by going within.

Astrology gives us a language to face ourselves, a way to see beyond our own stories and survival skills into the much larger saga of our soul's unfolding journey.

I offer incredibly delicious facial treatments and craniosacral massage as healing services to anyone who is in need of grounding more deeply into their bodies and returning to the "inner-sanctuary" - the place within that feels like home, where you are in your power, connected to love and truth.

The human soul is on a journey of embodiment here on Earth, meaning that we are here to awaken fully to the limitless love that we are - while inside the human experience, while embracing the full spectrum of "light" and "dark" within ourselves.

Working with me requires no false pretense, no pretending to feel a certain way, no needing to have it all figured out.

Far more interesting is to meet at the zero-point of NOT KNOWING.  The place of curiosity and wonder.  The field of possibilities.  The freedom of the present moment.  

May I be of service to love + truth, and may all beings know peace, liberation and happiness with no opposite! 

I work with individuals of all genders, all ages, all ethnicities and all backgrounds