About Solana

I combine the ancient temple arts of astrology, somatic bodywork and holistic skincare to offer my clients broad-spectrum support to harness the deep well of beauty, strength and wisdom that can only be accessed by going within.

Astrology gives us a language to face ourselves, a way to see beyond our own stories and survival skills into the much larger saga of our soul's unfolding journey.

I offer incredibly delicious facial treatments and craniosacral massage as healing services to anyone who is in need of grounding more deeply into their bodies and returning to the "inner-sanctuary" - the place within that feels like home, where you are in your power, connected to love and truth.

The human soul is on a journey of embodiment here on Earth, meaning that we are here to awaken fully to the limitless love that we are - while inside the human experience, while embracing the full spectrum of "light" and "dark" within ourselves.

Working with me requires no false pretense, no pretending to feel a certain way, no needing to have it all figured out.

Far more interesting is to meet at the zero-point of NOT KNOWING.  The place of curiosity and wonder.  The field of possibilities.  The freedom of the present moment.  

May I be of service to love + truth, and may all beings know peace, liberation and happiness with no opposite! 

I work with individuals of all genders, all ages, all ethnicities and all backgrounds

more of my story 


I am first and foremost a sister and pilgrim heart, living her way into deeper awakening and soul embodiment. I am a Libra Sun sign at the karmic 29th degree (yes almost a Scorpio). My Moon is in Pisces in the 10th house of career.  Can you guess my rising sign?

For those unfamiliar to astrology, that might sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo - but I am telling you, the astrological blueprint is so very helpful when doing any kind of human analysis or self-discovery!

For me, the language of astrology is among the most intricate, accurate and utterly brilliant way of putting our human experience on Gaia (the Earth) into context with the Universe around us - beginning with our solar system and our continuous revolutions around the Sun.

Astrology is packed with ancient wisdom that supports us in syncing our natural rhythms with the rhythms of Gaia, of the Moon, of our sibling planets, and of the stars and greater constellations that are *holding us* in place from the perspective of our tiny home here within the Multiverse.  

It is mind boggling.

And astrology gives us a language, a way to speak of the bigness of it all and making it very, very personal. Through archetypes we can find ways to relate to the specific and unique energies of all the planets, and their cosmic journeys through the signs of the Zodiac, which are based on the constellations in the sky.

Astrology also gives us the understanding of ourselves as souls that came here for reasons we *can* discover, if we so choose. In this realm of quantum thought, it is easy to recognize our connection to Star families, or past lives, our ancestral karma, or angelic forces (sometimes known as grace). 

I have been working with the rhythms of lunar astrology (the cycles of the Moon) since I was 20 years old. I've been a practicing Wiccan for just as long, though I now refer to my spiritual path as the Magdalene way, which for me is synonymous with tantra as well as the Christ path.  

From the time I was quite young, I have known myself as a "sensitive" or an "empath."  For many years I struggled as I learned through experience how to harness these gifts of sensitivity and intuition into real practical skills that are now the bedrock of my career and my own evolution as a soul.  

In 2017, I began my journey of "womb healing" with the guidance of my incredible teachers of feminine awakening and the path of Mary Magdalene.  

I continue to journey deeper in my own initiations into truer and more refined aspects of my being.  

I am no stranger to spiritual crisis, and I do not fear yours.

It is a joy and a gift for me to be of service to you in your journey of awakening - which is really the journey of coming home to oneself.

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