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 About Solana


Hello dear One.

I am honored that you found yourself here to my website, to my work, to what I can translate to you of who I am & what my service is in the world.

I am a Venusian astrologer & priestess of the Feminine Arts.

Permit me to explain...

I have been studying the art of astrology for over 23 years.  I am intimitely linked & in harmonic friendship with the phases of the Moon & the cycles of Venus, specifically.  

It is through the Moon & Venus (the 2 most feminine planetary bodies in our solar system, along with Earth) - that we uncover the exquisite nature of polarity with the masculine, namely the Sun, our Center.  

It is through the Moon & Venus that we learn sacred alchemical practices that are freely available to all humans who wish to align with divine frequencies & promote personal & planetary healing. 

Astrology gives us a language to face ourselves, a way to see beyond our own stories and survival skills into the much larger saga of our soul's unfolding journey.

I invite you to experience yourself in new ways through the language of astrology, through the language of your very own stars.

And finally, the epic journey of initiations has brought me into full awareness that it is now time for me to offer myself wholly to the heart of the Goddess Mother in all that I do.  It is in this spirit that I am now offering feminine embodiment support sessions for women ages 18 - no limit. 

Most women alive today, who grew up in the "Western World", have experienced extreme disconnect from their own bodies at one time or another.  Most of these women, myself included, have cut themselves off from their own pleasure at times.  So so many of us have been longing to come home to ourselves & experience the empowerment that we hear all these other much more glamorous ladies talking about - but have gotten stuck at times, and maybe even given up, settling for so-so relationships, unfulfilling careers, constant stress, and feelings of guilty & shame attached to pleasure & relaxation.  

I'm telling you (what you probably already know) - the opposite is true.

We do have to slow down to come home to ourselves.  We have to slow down & put ourselves first.  It feels super uncomfortable for most women at first.  It feels "wrong" - because we've been programmed to live a lie.

Through Feminine Embodiment Coaching, I will be steady by your side as your midwife - as you learn simple practices & sacred ways of living to align yourself with your true self, with your body, with the rhythms of the Earth, the Sun, the Moon & Venus.

You don't need to know anything about the feminine arts or what soul embodiment even means - if you are drawn to this work, it is for you.  If you are drawn to working with me as your spiritual midwife, I am deeply honored & you have my deliciously sincere commitment to watch you DEEPEN & RISE. 

❤️ Solana

Importnant note about my work - 

❀ Venusian Astrology sessions are suitable for beginners & advanced students alike

❀ You will need your exact birth time for most readings, so please locate that info & send it to me at least 24 hours before your reading

❀ Be Luminous Coaching™ sessions are for women only  

❀ Hara Shiva Coaching™ sessions are for men only


Thank you.

Please reach out with any questions you may have!  I'd love to connect with you.