Bodywork & Energy Healing

Full Body Relaxation Massage

Let your physical + energetic tension be soothed by my unique style of Full Body Relaxation Massage. I combine techniques of Lomi Lomi, Swedish + Craniosacral massage, along with my skills as an embodiment guide + energy healer to give you a delightful healing experience.  This session is designed to restore your vitality + support your inner-balance.

1 hour 15 minutes $125

Craniosacral Healing Massage

Refined touch of the scalp, head, neck + shoulders allows for a deep internal softening and re-alignment. Your body knows how to heal itself, and your body is most supported when you slow down, listen and allow yourself to return to your own natural rhythm. Craniosacral massage is beneficial for those experiencing headaches, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, stress, fatigue, PMS, post-partum, hormonal changes and for those seeking general relaxation and a return to balance. 

1 hour $100

Add More Time To Your Massage

Sometimes we just need more time on the table....

15 minutes $25

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