Feminine Support Sessions

Hey Beautiful
Do you know the 
Queen that you are?
So often our answer to this question can vary, for so many reasons.
As women, it is our nature to give & give - 
But this pattern often leaves us feeling depleted and unable to give from a full cup
Sometimes we may forget what having a full cup even feels like.
And all that means is that it's time to get back on track.  With you.
There are many, many guides and feminine healing practitioners out there - and i am truly honored when a woman chooses to work with me in any capacity.
In these sessions, i offer you my skills as healer/temple priestess.  In our time together i can support you in any of the following:
~ holistic skincare advice
~ self-love practices
~ yoni steaming 
~ jade egg basics 
~ womb healing
~ meditation & breathwork
~ vocal activation
~ healing herbs & food as medicine
~ working with crystals
~ lunar guidance rituals

Cost is $165/1 Hour

All Sessions via Zoom

you get the recording

Packages Available

Experience & Credentials


I bring you 25+ years of being a student of unconditional love on a spiritual path of soul embodiment + awakening consciousness to the true Reality that is ever-present beyond the distortions of our minds.

I am a dedicated student of Advait (non-dual mindfulness) and Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of devotion).

I have been working with women for over 12 years in the realms of skincare & massage therapy, and over the past 2 years I have stepped out as a professional astrologer & intuitive guide.

Since 2016, my commitment to sexual/spiritual healing within myself has been my top prioirty.  As I embarked on this journey, I took all the teachings of light that I have been receiving for so many years - and I went down into the caverns of my own inner-underworld - relentlessly seeking to love all of myself and reclaim my inherent wholeness (which paradoxically, means being "broken open" to Source, to truth, to love).

In these past 4 years, I have invested my time, money + whole-hearted effort into the following programs:

Womb & Yoni Healing

- The 7 Gates Course (6-month training in Womb Healing) with Katherine Zorensky + Maya Alexander (2017)

- Yoni Massage Training with More Love Works (2017)

- Yoni Steam Facilitator Training with Steamy Chick (2018)

Jade Egg Training Courses 

- Jade Pleasure with Laila Martin (2017)

- Yoni Yoga with Sofia Sundari (2018)

- Vaginal Kung Fu with Kim Anami (2020)

Feminine Mentorship

- Chameli Ardagh (Awakening Women) since 2018

Esthetitian Training

- Graduate of Greenwood Academy of Skincare (2008)

- 10+ years of advanced skincare training with Eminence Organic Skincare

Bodywork Training

- Graduate of Cortiva Institute of Massage (2013)

- Advanced Training in Craniosacral Therapy & Abdominal Massage through the Barral Institute (2014 & 2015)

What I offer you today is the amalgamation of seasons upon seasons of experience, practice, initiations and integration.

I wish to serve you sister, with as much love and grace as has been offered to me. 

I bow to the Feminine.

I bow to the Sacred Sisterhood.

I bow to our ancient & modern rites as women.

I bow to Mother Gaia, holding us all.

I bow to you, sister.  

"Know Thyself"
- The Oracle of Delphi

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