Full Moon blessings, people 🌕 ARE YOU HOWLING YET?? 🐺🐺 Tonight's Full Moon in Gemini JUST HAPPENED (exact at 9:12pm PST on 12/11/19) - and it is both the harvest time of this lunar cycle (which began on 11/26 with the Sagittarius New Moon) - as well as the ANNUAL HARVEST from the the Gemini New Moon back on June 3rd of this year. What has come to fruition in your life since last June?? << Note: EVERY Full Moon represents both the harvest time of that particular lunar cycle, as well as an annual touch-stone for the harvest of the New Moon of the same sign which occurred 6 months before >> I shared a bunch about the specific aspects occurring with this Gemini Full Moon in a previous post - but today the nudge came to shine the light on GEMINI a little more. I've already mentioned that this Full Moon feels to me like a PREGNANT PAUSE before the astrology gets ✨uber-intense✨with eclipse season right around the corner as well as the potent conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in exactly 1 month 🙌 That's all true - and this is also a PREGNANT PAUSE FOR GEMINI. ... Why do I say that? Well, because the sign of Gemini is going to be getting A LOT OF ATTENTION in 2020 ♊️👀 For staters - the lunar nodes will be shifting from Cancer/Capricorn to Gemini/Sagittarius on 5/05/20. That means that our ECLIPSES will be shifting to the signs of Gemini + Sagittarius. Remember, all eclipses (lunar + solar) represent POWERFUL PORTALS FOR TRANSFORMATION. Since the nodes change signs about every 18 months, we go about 9 years between returning to the same signs for the eclipses (and even then, the north + south node are flipped at that point - so it takes about 18 YEARS for the eclipses to occur in the same signs with the same nodal placement!) 💫💫💫

n short, Gemini is soon to be home for the north node of the Moon and the north node eclipses (the first Gemini eclipse will be a lunar eclipse on 11/30/20). A little over 9 years ago, Gemini was home for the south node eclipses. And it was just over 18 YEARS AGO that Gemini was last home for the north node eclipses. The placement of the north node speaks to our collective learning curve and where we as a global population are leaning into our global destiny and growth. The north node placement usually feels like a challenge because we are learning new ways of being and "up-leveling" our game! The south node placement, on the other hand, represents a release point - where we need to let go of what is no longer serving, old ways of being that inhibit our growth and patterns that keep us stuck + stagnant. That's why the Capricorn Confluence of heavy-hitting planets Saturn + Pluto and now Jupiter along with the south node (release point) is such a big deal! We are collectively letting go of archaic + deeply entrenched structures that no longer serve us personally or as a planet. << Stay tuned for info about my CAPRICORN CONFLUENCE + YOU ASTRO-SALON which is an in-person Masterclass coming up on 1/19/20 in Seattle >> ✨💫👇👇👇💫✨

Now, when Gemini takes the helm as the sign housing the north node, our collective north node focus and learning curve will take on flavors that are quite different from the mothering, protective and nurturing energy of the north node in Cancer as we have been experiencing for the last year. Right now, we still have the push (or rather the tidal pull) coming from the Cancer north node to learn the skills of mothering (first and foremost mothering ourselves), healing ancestral wounds, recovering from childhood trauma and establishing a deeper sense of safety, security and love that can withstand the seasons in our present-day home life. 🏡❤️ The Gemini north node will soon be presenting us with an entirely new focus for our collective growth and a new "edge" to lean into as far as moving past our comfort zone. The other BIG NEWS for Gemini in the coming year is that Venus will be crowned as the Gemini Meta-Goddess when she begins a new synodic cycle with the Sun on 6/03/20. This event will color the way she reigns for the next 19 months (the time for a complete Venus/Sun synodic cycle) - and it also will be the completion of an 8-year cycle from the time Venus was last crowned as the Gemini Meta-Goddess. Venus will be halfway through her retrograde journey at the time of her conjunction with the Sun - and EVERYONE'S LOVE LIFE will be under review. So - to close - this Gemini Full Moon is both a culmination point as well as a foreshadowing of the many lessons that are soon to be coming our way from the sign of the Twins, the sign of communication, the sign of mutable air, the sign who craves variety and cannot-will-not be pinned down.

BIG GEMINI MOON LOVE — Ow Ow OwOOOoooo !!! 🎼🎹🎧🌕🎧🎶🎵

(insanely adorable) Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

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