THE WEEKEND ASTROLOGY 12/27 - 12/29/19

Closing out the decade this weekend after our powerful New Moon Eclipse on Christmas, many of us are feeling the energetics of being in a time of rest + reset.

We are being invited at the very end of 2019 - to begin anew.

In the DARK of this New Moon that will soon begin revealing her crescent form - we are closing a year and a decade and possibly so much more.

The eclipse portal of 12/25 is going to be working on us for some time...

Now it's time to digest + ENJOY the last few days of 2019!


Friday 12/27 - Sun conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn @ 10:25am

- Moon enters Aquarius @ 9:20pm

Saturday 12/28 - Moon conjunct Venus in Aquarius @ 6:07pm

- Mercury enters Capricorn @ 8:55pm

Sunday 12/29 - Mercury in Capricorn squares Chiron in Aries @ 8:57pm

.... and a heads up to be ready for some sensitivity + extra compassion on Monday morning when the Moon enters Pisces.

Have a great Weekend, astro-peeps!

love + blessings,


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