In this reading, I will guide you through the energies of the upcoming lunar cycle - giving you a framework for the upcoming astrological weather + supporting you in your own cycle within the lunar cycle.  Each lunar cycle is about 29.5 days, beginning and ending with a New Moon.

By illuminating the journey that this specific lunar cycle is taking you on, you are deepening with your own natural rhythms, in harmony with the rhythms and cycles of the Earth + the Cosmos.

I highly recommend this reading for those who wish to utilize ritual and healing practices throughout the lunar cycle, as I will be offering suggestions for specific practices that you can incorporate throughout the lunar cycle.  These will be specific to your personal astrology + unique energetics of the lunar cycle at play.

This reading is about 1 hour in length and will be sent to you as a downloadable audio file via Dropbox within 1 week of your purchase.

* When you purchase, you will be asked to provide the name and birth date/time/place of the person who this reading is for.  This will allow me to pull the person's chart with the most precision and provide the most accurate reading.

The Upcoming Lunar Cycle Personal Forecast

$150.00 Regular Price
$105.00Sale Price
  • If you do not know the birth time, I will pull the chart using solar houses.  I also offer chart reconstruction as a seperate service, please inquire

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