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Message from Solana 5/13/21:
I no longer have a physical location in which to see clients in person for luxurious facials & pampering.  I do so miss seeing all of your lovely faces! 
However, I do feel called to continue to offering skincare support to those of you who want holistic solutions to your everyday skincare needs.  I am an expert esthetician (licensed since 2008) & in my many years of skincare service, I have seen so many women (and men!) transform their skin from various stages of distress to luminous, bright and balanced.  Clients who follow my skincare advice for at home daily care & weekly "glow treatments" have the most amazing results, I kid you not.

At this time I am offering Be Luminous Skincare Consultations to all new & existing clients at the discounted rate of $75 for a 45-minute Zoom meeting in which I see your skin (preferably in good light) we discuss what your skincare goals are & how you can accomplish them using my holistic skincare & lifestyle advice.  We will discuss everything from all the products you use & how often you wash your face, to sleep patterns, to your menstrual cycle (if you have one), to your stress levels in relation to job/relationships/living environment, to where you are at spiritually & how you are handling life during a global pandemic.
Our skin is the "largest organ" of the body, so to speak.  It is also where all the inner indigested stuff (food, emotions, energy, etc) shows up eventually.  So, in short, having radiant, sexy, ageless, luminous, glowing skin is really an inside job.
But luckily I am also madly in love with Eminence Organic Skincare, a professional product line that I have worked with for 13+ years!   So not only will you receive my customized lifestyle & skin hygeine support during these sessions - you will also receive a list recommendations for Eminence Organic Skincare products that are tailored specifically for you by yours truly.  I am a bit of a wizard at mixology with Eminence products, so get ready to have a lot of fun with your new skincare routine! 

Please remember when purchasing Eminence products to use my professional Spa Affiliate Link:

Eminence Organic Skincare is now offering an Online Retail Service to all customers that will also support your favorite spa.  You can order easily online 24/7 with the peace of mind knowing that you are receiving verefied fresh batch Eminence products, supporting your favorite spa partner & you get products delivered directly to your doorstep with FREE SHIPPING. 

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