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Solana is one of a kind. She brought a nuanced understanding of astrology, mythology, and goddess and Earth magic to our session. She possesses a wisdom that belies her youthful looks. She is a deep listener and created a safe space for me to express as much as I wished to share about my own life. There are so many details in an astrological reading that it easily could have been overwhelming, but Solana kept her interpretations and explanations at a level that I could understand. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Solana! I have been moving through some intense transitions, stepping into my worthiness, and learning how to set boundaries in my life. This reading was affirming and powerful. I appreciated that rather than hand me answers, Solana held space for me to explore myself.

- Emi, Seattle 2019

Solana taught me there is so much more to astrology than your sun sign horoscope.  She helped me thouroughly understand my birth chart and the importance of my rising sign.

I appreciate Solana's depth of knowledge, attention to detail, and eagerness to answer all my questions!

- Lydia, Redmond 2020

My mind is absolutely buzzing with information, insights, and deep questions about astrology. Solana's Masterclass is the real deal, not just a few basics dressed up. Solana brings many years of studies and a deep womb connection to her teaching. Her joy and respect for astrology comes through in every moment.

I left class with a complete natal chart, a list of major astrological events for the year ahead, and the ability to identify key conjunctions, oppositions, and squares in my own chart. I have the tools to keep studying on my own. And I know Solana is available for when I'm ready for more guidance on my journey. Blessings!


- Elizabeth, Seattle 2020

The class was a great general overview of how to read your natal chart. Solana is a passionate teacher who encourages intuition and expansion. She embodies what she loves and her energy fill the room with generosity and encouragement. Excited to continue learning more and working with Solana more in the future.


- Kate, Seattle 2020

It's just so obvious that you know your shit. I so appreciate the grounding in divine feminine at the beginning of the class. My brain/logic/intellect feels grasping and full, but it feels goo to trust the WASH of info and see what sticks later. Seating all of this in the divine feminine is everything for me and I appreciate and felt ignited by your knowledge and super supportive energy. You are a great teacher. 


- Anonymous, Seattle 2020

This class was a great way to go over the basics and then analyze our charts real-time. Just the right amount of self-reflection and learning. As someone with very basic knowledge, I was able to follow along for the most part. Definitely a fun class, inspired to explore my astrology further. Thank you!

- Stephanie, Seattle 2020

Truly enjoyed both the basic tools with which to trace and understand my chart as well as the greater context of our season and our interaction with it. Feeling empowered and illuminated.

- Anonymous, Seattle 2020